Morgaine has a PhD in quantum philosophy which essentially involved making connections about existence and finding links between seemingly unrelated elements. She continually looks for disruptive anomalies.

To forecast the future, she look at patterns of behaviour and indicators around what is likely to happen.

She analyses fashion, interiors, design and social trends around the world and often follow trends from Asia, to West Coast US, East Coast US and then UK. Then looking at economic cycles, current political agenda and some historical timelines, Morgaine creates future hypothesis.

By developing some unproven concepts, Morgaine then endeavors to find examples of emerging ideas across category, from fashion to design to architecture to try to develop a new hypothesis.

Her research and expertise is a culmination of years of continuous study. She compiles a master document at the beginning of each year, which is used as a foundation for the trends ahead. She reviews the past years research which has amassed in 12 months and carries forward any ideas/concept which are still pertinent. Obviously, trends do not end and begin on 1st January!

Graphs and data are very alluring for people who like to deal in ‘facts’ – however, in almost all trends and events which are unexpected and disruptive, the graph of exponential growth or development, is often misguiding. There is no certain data on the future. Data is only useful to examine historical events and should not be the driving factor for creative innovation.