As a Food Futurologist, I am passionate about what I do because food affects us all, daily.

Food is a complex topic and involves society, behaviour, geo-politics, culture, belief, history, trends, fads, art, marketing, sensorial perceptions, biology and, well, almost everything.

I research history, nature and cultural theory, branding, marketing and consumer behaviour. I help ad agencies, PR companies and brands with new brand extensions/NPD, future gazing and trend reports. Amongst other things, this also involves public and private lectures/seminars, keynote speaking publishing academic research.

In short, as a Food Futurologist, I explore all the facets of food; future food trends, why we eat what we eat, believe what we believe and what the future of food looks like. The future of food is as much a part of our sustenance, as a part of our aspirations.

Apologetically, I am terrible at following recipes, I don’t watch cooking shows and I am not the world’s best cook, in fact, I am very average- a bit too experimental to ever create the same meal twice.